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Why Photography
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“Photography is experiencing science, art, and emotions simultaneously.  It is imagining, planning, and executing a personal view of a fraction of a second of our universe. It is discovering, capturing, sharing, and appreciating creation at its simplest forms. Photography is getting close to and understanding the intricacies of our surrounding. It is enjoying the colors of the fall, waking up for sunrise, and looking at every sunset as if it will never be the same again."

Samer Alassaad



"Photography allows me to express and share a bit of myself.  The interaction of light and color with physical forms of all scales intrigues me, so I attempt to create images capturing the essence of a moment, or illustrating its timelessness.  I seek to give the viewer an opportunity to explore their relationship with the subject matter and to expand their own experience of life."

Jerry Schimke



"Photography is seeing beyond what is there, seeing what struck you as unique or magnificent. You come upon an everyday phenomenon and immediately try to imagine it from different angles, through different perspectives and lighting.  You try to accentuate the beauty, the uniqueness or the splendor of what you see. You try to minimize the distractions and imperfections. And then, you try to capture what you imagine.


Photography is Balance. Balancing life, life in the city and life in nature.  Balancing the brain, the analytical left side (the professional) and the creative right side (the artist). Balancing sight, the limited every-day sight and the wide all-encompassing photographer sight.  Balancing black and white.  Balancing highlights and shadows.  Balancing red, green and blue.  Balancing humility and pride."



Mark Castellucci