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About Us
Club Event Calendar
Photo Gallery
Meetings & Speakers
Thomas Martens. 6/10/2014
Jason Branz 4/8/2014
Jock Hamilton 2/11/2014
Clyde Elmore 12/10/2013
Wayne Tilcock 10/8/2013
Steve Locke & Amy Decker 6/11/2013
PJ Thompson 4/9/2013
Truman Holtzclaw 2/12/2013
Linda Goff 12/11/2012
Laurie Friedman 10/9/2012
Henry Paine 5/8/2012
Judith Monroe 03/13/2012
Terry Nathan 1/10/2012
Finkleman & Radin 11/8/2011
Dr. Leslie Kurtz 9/13/2011
Laurie Friedman 6/14/2011
Susan Brady 5/10/2011
Joe Finkleman 03/08/2011
Jared Ropelato 2/8/2011
Josh Miller 1/11/2011
Jim Dunn 12/14/2010
Truman Holtzclaw 11/9/10
Ian Kennedy 10/12/10
Scott Fishbein 9/14/2010
Rich Owens 6/8/2010
Allan Jones 05/11/2010
Emotions Part 1 - 04/13/2010
Jock Hamilton - 03/09/2010
Seth Duffey 02/09/2010
Bob Fera 01/12/2010
Karen Froyland 12/08/2009
Henry Paine 11/10/2009
Tom Deininger 09/08/2009
David Robertson 06/30/2009
David L Robertson 05/26/2009
Tom Martens 04/28/2009
Neil Michel 03/24/2009
Patrick O’Kane 02/24/2009
Terry Nathan 01/20/2009
Clyde Elmore 10/21/2008
Photo Exhibits
Rominger West - March 2012
Davis: Quintessential and Infinitesimal - Aug 2011
Abstracts - May 2011
Celebration of the Seasons - Dec 2010
Club Members Exhibit - August 2010
Patterns in Nature - Photo Exhibit March 2010
The Built Environment - Photo Exhibit November 2009
Our Underwater World - Photo Exhibit June 2009
Golden Moments - Photo Exhibit March 2009
USA Nature Photography - Photo Exhibit December 2008
Exhibit Guidelines
Outdoor Activities
Wildlife Area Tour
Yolo Bypass Photo Shoot 2013
Photography By Design
Photography Classes - DAC
Adobe Lightroom 2 - 12/13/2009
Processing & Printing 03/28/2009
Photo Critiques
Why Photography
Media Articles
How to look at photographs 09/13/2012
Photography can lift your spirit on 06/17/2011
Controversy over photo-editing software on 07/18/2010
Newspaper Article on 04/08/2010
Magazine Article on 10/01/2009
Newspaper Article on 12/21/2008
Newspaper Article on 10/31/2008
Press Release
Photo Events
Community Service
CAPP: Child Abuse Prevention Program
Yolo County Fair Photo Exhibition
Underwater Photography
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Our Club Members
Samer Alassaad
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Richard Halliburton
Ruth Anne Hance
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