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Photo Critiques
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The club photo critiques are intended to be educational experiences for everyone present, whether a person has entries or not. A short evaluation of each photograph will identify and explain factors contributing to the success of the picture. For pictures less than perfect, constructive suggestions for improvement will be offered. 


Discussion categories:

·         Macro photography

·         Landscape photography  

·         Wildlife photography

·         Portrait photography

·         Sports photography

·         Travel photography

·         Still life photography      

·         Documentary photography  

·         Underwater Photography


Thank you for participating.

The Photography Club of Davis





"First of all it is a beautiful image. Though the main subject and the sun are centered, the composition is very Strong. Rules are made to be broken. Moving the main subject off center does not strengthen this image.  The silhouette is in strong focus, where the back drop is slightly softer.  Our eyes go from soft to sharp, from the back drop to the subject .The backdrop is strong, it creates a sense of place and the yellow color reinforces the time of day. It is complete, esthetically it is very pleasing, very inviting scene." David L. Robertson.




"You wonder what the subject is, the boats, buildings, mountains, or the sky. There are 2 different scenes: The boats are one scene, the buildings, mountains, and the sky are the other scene. You need to decide weather it is worth to provide the second scene to add context and completes the documentary scene or you should concentrate on the boats." David L. Robertson.




"What probably has attracted the photographer in this scene is the strong from of statues, not the tree on the right, not the sky, not the rock surface at the bottom.  The reason you have that much sky should be to balance the subject, but the subject and the sky are so different. If it is neutral, it does not help. Change the point of view, move to the right to try to isolate the figures from the tree, and drop down and shoot upward." David L. Robertson.




"This is a very strong composition; it makes use of the diagonals. Because it is a high contrast scene, it would have been better if it was whiter. It feels like there is a blue/magenta cast into it. It is nice that you can see into the shadows.  It is also nice that there is not a lot of the sky because it is a plain sky that day." David L. Robertson.