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Photo Exhibits - Our Underwater World - Photo Exhibit June 2009
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The Photography Club Of Davis, in Association with The Natsoulas Gallery, 

organized  "Our Underwater World"  Underwater Photography Exhibition

by Club Member Ian Kennedy at The Davis Historic City Hall, Bistro 33 Restaurant, between 06/12/2009 - 08/01/2009.




"Our underwater world is vast. Some of us are privileged to visit the first 100 feet of this part of our planet – a world that is full of life and diversity. The beauty of the plants and animals that inhabit our oceans is inspiring but it is at risk. Changes in the ocean environment may lead to loss of significant amounts of the life that we treasure. Decisions that we make everyday about our consumption of seafood, our use and disposal of plastics, and our use of fossil fuels, will play a role in the determining the fate of this wonderful, but often over-looked, part of our world." Ian Kennedy




Ian Kennedy started his photographic career as a boy, photographing trains. His first camera was a 35mm of unknown origin. He developed his film in a cupboard. Once his interest in trains waned, he turned to capturing images during travels in Europe and Asia. About six years ago, he started scuba diving and quickly developed an interest in underwater photography. He works with an Olympus 5060 compact camera in an Olympus underwater housing with an Inon strobe. Ian also takes some underwater available light images with a red correcting filter. (Ian's Web Gallery)