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Meetings & Speakers - Josh Miller 1/11/2011
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Adventure Photography

Speaker: Josh Miller

Tuesday Jan 11th 7:00 pm

At The Davis Branch Library, The Blanchard Room


This meeting was our first meeting back in the Davis Public Library. We had a great turnout as usual.


Our guest speaker, Josh Miller, started his presentation by defining adventure photography. According to Josh, you do not have to be in eminent danger to make adventure photography. This kind of photography can be made while climbing, hiking, and camping in the wilderness. Additionally, capturing something out of the ordinary, something that's new or different that isn't an everyday occurrence, or capturing a familiar landscape scene from a location that others can't easily reach can also be considered adventure photography.


Josh shared an array of images from Alaska, the Sierra Nevada, and the Grand Canyon and explained how these images were made. Particularly, the images of the rafting trip in the Grand Canyon were very interesting because they were made by a camera that Josh mounted at the front of the raft, thus capturing images that tell the story from a very unique angle in the middle of the action.


He usually spends more time planning the trip and spends time traveling than he actually spends time making the image. To capture a sunset image of EL Capitan from mountain top after a snow storm, Josh hiked up for ten miles in the snow.

(You can see this image at:  http://www.joshmillerphotography.com/index.htm )

He recommends us to use the software "The Photographer's Ephemeris (TPE)" before traveling. TPE is a tool to help with the planning of all types of outdoor photography, but particularly landscape and urban scenes. You can determine when the sun or moon will be visible behind nearby hills and mountains. This software can be found free at: http://photoephemeris.com/


Josh also emphasized the importance of making photographs that tell the whole story. He further explained his views by showing images he made for an article that describes the life of a horse backpacker.


He then demonstrated the equipment he uses for adventure photography including cameras, lenses, and tripods. He finished his presentation by critiquing our club member's images.


Josh organizes outdoor workshops. You can visit his website at: http://www.joshmillerphotography.com/


Best Regards

Samer Alassaad


Josh's Bio:

From climbing in the Sierra Nevada Mountains to exploring the rainforests of Panama, Josh has adventured and photographed in some of the planet's most exiting places.  Josh's photographic projects have taken him all around the globe in search of unique images.  His portfolio ranges from the wildlife of North and Central America to climbing, backpacking, and ski adventures throughout the west.

Josh grew up in Washington State where he attended Pacific Lutheran University.  While attending PLU, he began to explore his interest in photography through studio art classes as well as practical field experience.   For several years, Josh worked as a photo editor for the university newspaper, simultaneously freelancing for several local newspapers and shooting materials for university promotion.  One of the largest assignments that he accepted while at the university was covering the 1999 WTO protests in Seattle.  His work from this project appeared in several publications including The Mooring Mast, The Puyallup Herald, The Scene Magazine and Photographer's Forum Magazine's "Best of College Photography Annual 2000".

Since his beginnings as a newspaper photographer, Josh has combined his love of nature and adventure with his passion for photography by teaching photography workshops and guiding adventure trips through the world.  He works regularly with non-profit environmental organizations as both a visual consultant and photographer in an effort to create public awareness through the visual medium.  

Josh's photographs and writings have appeared in countless publications throughout the United States including Backpacker Magazine, Shutterbug Magazine, Sierra Heritage Magazine, Eastside Magazine, and Natures Best Magazine.  Josh's images have also been used by the Sierra Nevada Conservancy, the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival, Patagonia's Wild and Scenic Film Festival, the North American Nature Photography Association, the American Society of Picture Professionals, and the National Wildlife Federation's "Gulf Oil Spill Restoration Fund".   

Along with shooting for conservation groups and publications Josh teaches photographic workshops throughout the west and often accepts assignments around the world.