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Photo Exhibits - Golden Moments - Photo Exhibit March 2009
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The Photography Club of Davis, in conjunction with The Natsoulas Gallery's 7th Annual California Landscape Conference and Exhibition, organized "Golden Moments" California Landscape Photography  Exhibition at The Davis Historic City Hall, Bistro 33 Restaurant, between 03/05/2009 - 04/29/2009.




                                                                                                 Photo By Ursula Esser


The exhibiting members were Samer Alassaad, Lars Anderson, Blaine Beaman, Ray Borton, Susan Bovey, Seth Duffey, Clyde Elmore, Ursula Esser, Rob Floerke, Kevin O'Connor, Richard Owens, Michael Radin, Robert F. Sahara, and Roger Spangler.


"Under the magic of light, fog, clouds, and snow, reality can be elevated to the sublime. Capturing those golden moments is challenging, but when everything comes together, photographs of the landscapes can serve as metaphors for their natural beauty." The Photography Club of Davis.