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Meetings & Speakers - Finkleman & Radin 11/8/2011
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Architectural Abstractions: A Synchronicity

Joseph Finkleman and Michael Radin



"A unique simultaneous non-collaborative vision held by two artists in the same milieu at the same time and yet independently derived." 


Joseph Finkleman and Michael Radin, two very accomplished photographers and friends, discovered that, quite apart from each other, they were both photographing architectural abstractions, capturing the interesting oddities of buildings in juxtaposition.  They noticed that despite some differences in the overall look of their work, some images could have been taken by either of them.  As Finkleman describes the exhibit, "We want to show the pictures of each other that most remind ourselves of what we ourselves do.  The specific pictures chosen for this show look to us to be possibly taken by either of us."


 Finkleman, a graduate of San Francisco Art Institute, is well known not only for his photography, which has been shown in many exhibits and galleries over the years, but also for his extraordinary skills behind the brush and the pen - his voice poetry, novel, short stories, plays, watercolors, animation, and a recently completed libretto for an opera to be performed at Sacramento State University.


Radin, a graduate of UCD, studied with Robert Frank and Wayne Thiebaud, among others.  "I am interested in how the camera can be used to create images of the world, which when taken out of context, reveal unique aspects of the subjects.  I am particularly drawn towards creating images that are not manipulated but do not conform to expected photographic or human vision."  His photographs have been in many exhibits, publications, and private collections in the U.S. and Europe.