"Great photography is intentional, not by accident .........."


The Photography Club of Davis


The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI), administered by UC Davis Extension


"Photography By Design" Photography Curriculum


1909 Galileo Court, Suite B

Davis, CA 95618




If you wish to register, you can contact OLLI at: http://extension.ucdavis.edu/unit/osher_lifelong_learning_institute/

Phone number 530/757-8777



OLLI is a membership group in Davis led and directed by unpaid volunteers. Its mission is lifelong learning for pleasure. Instructors volunteer their service to OLLI.

(There is no age limit for taking the class).






 Views of Past Class Attendants:


"The Photography By Design classes consistently exceeded my expectations, both in the quality of the material presented, and the knowledge and enthusiasm of the class facilitators. Not only did it help solidify my knowledge of the technical aspects of diverse techniques and styles of photography, it also helped me see how to shift this fascinating pastime hobby from craft to art form. All in all, I was inspired to take my photography to a new level."

Ron Cotterel, Family Physician, Davis


"The class has helped me to think more carefully when composing the scene I am photographing. In particular I look for lines, shapes, and textures that will make the result more interesting. I was also inspired to try taking more macro images of the flowers in my garden." .

Joan Alkazily, Professor Emeritus, Civil Engineering